Dear visitor

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting this website. Why is it here ? Well…


a light for some poems, the first to begin with

patiently waiting to be discovered

by chance, by you, perhaps, regaining life,

once  |  once more  |  once more again


Enjoy the poems !

About the poems…

I derive the poems from my own mind. Of course, you may say, and quite rightly so… So here’s some more explanation. I notice an urge, or need, to start writing a poem. More or less at the same time, words spring up, usually accompanied by a rhythm or cadence. I’m more or less – again 🙂 – the witness of this process, but as I write down the words, I have to engage, and put down the raw material in (simple) sentences. Not as a witness anymore, but kind of as a guide, who has to speak for somebody else, searching for the right words (rather than guessing or making up). Metaphorically, I am a visitor of a fountain. The fountain shoots water to different sides, and the task of the visitor is trying to catch the dynamics and beauty of a fountain in a simple picture. (The catch ? The visitor will never succeed… )

The poems are based on loose associations (my own, to be sure….). Its theme can be a recent news event, a personal experence, an insight or older emotion, notion or mental image. Whatever, it had been brewing in the back corner of my mind. For minutes. Or years. In this process of collecting I use the cadence as guidance. There are so many words, there are always enough to round up the poem.

The time it takes to write a basic version is usually quite short (minutes once I start writing), the polishing can take from anywhere from seconds to years. (Sometimes I change a few words of a poem after publishing it.)

My poems are in dutch or english, ambiguous, and – especially in english – gramatically incorrect. Sometimes this is on purpose, sometimes unknowing(ly ? :-)), and sometimes I suspect incorrect use and I’m happy not to check. (So much for world order !)

Well, there is more to be said, but for the argument of time: just ask.

About the author…

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1974, grown up in a suburb of The Hague, I’m a product of middle class dutch family, as average as they get. My father (Rotterdam, born in the late 30’s) was the first of the family to work his way up to university, my mother (Woerden, early 30’s) worked at the telecoms department, connecting customers in the booming 60’s wireless age. War and a (more than) a touch of calvinism have been shaping elements in their upbringing, and subsequently mine.

I completed my studies in – organizational and environmental – Economics, before and after being bewondered by this world and the behaviour of its inhabitants. Another way of putting this: I have an inquisitive mind and fairly active imagination. If only these were enough to pay my bills !

I’m interested in, and enjoying, people, sailing, sitting meditation and, as of late, writing poems, longboarding and playing the guitar.

To be continued.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1974, 2015 and beyond.